Liturgical Calendar for the Traditional Latin Mass

If you use any electronic calendar application (Google Calendar, iCalendar, Yahoo Calendar, etc.), you can subscribe to the public calendar below to add feast dates to your calendar. This calendar was marked using the 1962 Roman Catholic rubrics.

There are two versions of the calendar: one for web-based calendar users like Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar, and one for native apps like iCalendar. The web-based version uses HTML to format the links whereas the native version will simply present the raw URLs.

  • Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and other web-based calendar users: copy this link, then paste it into “Add Calendar from URL” (or something similar) in your app.
  • Apple users: use this link to subscribe.

Each feast comes with links to additional information about the feast, saint (if applicable), and season. When two feasts conflict, the lower-ranking feast is prepended with a ‘›’ so you know which takes precedence. Some other commonly observed non-liturgical events like Plough Monday and Mardi Gras are also included and are prepended with a ‘»’.

Here is a preview of the calendar:

The code that was used to generate this calendar can be found at this link. If you find any errors, please contact me here.